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Male Executive Bundle


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Male Executive Bundle for Qing Ming Festival specially packaged by

Includes the following items:

  1. 1x 过路钱 (Guo Lu Qian)
  2. 1x 扣纸 (Ko Zhi)
  3. 1x Big Flower Money
  4. 1x Small Flower Money
  5. 1x Reincarnation Paper
  6. 1 Stack of 916 Gold Premium Joss Paper (Good for folding)
  7. 1 Stack of 916 Silver Premium Joss Paper (Good for folding)
  8. 1x Super Big Money
  9. 1x Small Joss Stock
  10. 1 Pair of Candles
  11. 1x Premium Male Clothes
  12. 1x Black Shoes
  13. 2x Patterned Shirt
  14. 1x Jewelry Set
  15. 1x Large Male Paper Bag


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Male Executive Bundle
Male Executive Bundle

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